How to Make Tostadas

We can travel the world through food and today we are preparing a delicious snack that is a popular street food in Mexico and Central America. A tostada is a crispy tortilla typically made out of corn, however, it can also be made with wheat tortillas. Also, you can use a variety of different toppings.

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Cooking Skills

There are many skills to learn in the kitchen to help you cook. In this Project CHEF video we take a look at mashing, creaming, mixing, folding, emulsifying and juicing.

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Sharp Hand Tools

Sometimes kitchen tools other than a knife can be used to complete tasks in the kitchen. These tools can speed up a job or help make preparation a little safer. In this video we teach you about how to use sharp hand tools.

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Knife Skills

At Project CHEF we believe in setting people up for success in the kitchen and we want you to become confident, safe cooks. To help you do this, we want to teach you the skills for successful cooking. Learning to cut safely is one of the most important skills to learn. Once you learn to control a knife so that it doesn’t control you, a wonderful world of cooking awaits. This video will teach young cooks about basic knife skills.