Our school programs are designed to support student learning around the B.C. Ministry of Education curriculum. Students work in collaborative groups and are actively engaged in authentic tasks that relate to the real world.
Building Core Competencies

Building Core Competencies

The students work in collaborative groups and are actively engaged in authentic, real-life tasks as members of a cooking team.

Know – Do – Understand

Know – Do – Understand

Student experience a variety of learning methods across different content areas, all designed to support student learning around the Big Ideas and Curricular Competencies.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Students develop life-long skills and the confidence and knowledge to make healthy food choices at home, both now and into the future.



We currently offer school programs to elementary schools in the Vancouver School District. In September of each year, our application process opens and a notice is sent to all elementary school principals. The one-week program requires two classes of Grade 4 and/or 5 to participate (maximum 60 children). The in-residence program requires all classes and teachers to be involved.


Review our school program summary to understand the classroom and school requirements needed to run the program before applying. Ensure that there are two classes of Grade 4 and/or 5 willing to participate. If your application is successful, both teachers will also attend a professional development session for all participants.


We provide an in-depth curriculum and resources to support teachers before, during and after the program. You’ll find everything you need among our resources, including customizable parent information forms and ways to learn about common food allergies. We also gather many other supplementary resources to help teachers and students build on the learning they experience through the program.

Additional Activity

for all chefs including teachers, parents & students

a traditional folk tale

Stone Soup


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