If I had to pick a favourite fictional food-related children’s book, one of the top tier books would be Chicks and Salsa, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Paulette Bogan (Bloomsberry USA Children’s Books, 2007).

What could be more fun than farm animals deciding to cook Latin inspired food and holding a fiesta? This book is begging to be read aloud as the words spring to life with alliteration that captures their fabulous feast. The illustrations are equally rich with delicious details.

Enjoy the video retelling of the book then get busy searching for wonderful words that feel good in your mouth. After that, make a sumptuous snack with our Latin inspired recipes.

Activity Instructions


Alliteration is when words that start with the same sounds are used in a phrase or sentence. These words sound good on your tongue when you say them and, like ingredients in food, spice up and give life to what we read and write.

For example, the name Peppa Pig, just sounds better than Jill Pig, doesn’t it? Would Micky Mouse be as famous if his name was Joe Mouse?

Step #1 Listen to and read Chicks and Salsa

Write down words that you like the sound of together. Saying these words is almost like eating them. Words can be as tasty as food. When we say them it’s like chewing on a delicious dish or a marvelous menu. How many of these words or phrases did you find in the story?

click here to Read and hear the story on PBS

Step #2 Write your own alliteration

Try writing a few of your own words using alliteration to describe food you like to eat. For example, how could you describe pizza using alliteration?

Step #3 Time to cook

Now try making and eating the recipes that inspired the story. We have a few Latin inspired menus. Make a plan to fire up a fiesta.

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Language Arts

Language Arts

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