Sharing meals around a table is one of our favourite things to do. In Project CHEF, when it’s time to dine together, we share conversation as well as food. We assign Table Talk Topics everyday to get the conversation going. It’s interesting how we can start talking about a favourite meal then before you know it we’re talking about something else. That’s how conversation works!

In schools we learn so much about the young chefs we cook with: delicious food they eat at home, sports they play, what they do for fun or even how they would design a swimming pool! We share a little bit about ourselves when we share food together. Here’s a few Table Talk Topics you can try when eating with your family. Do you have some others?


What was your favourite part of the day?



If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?


If you were a super hero, what would your special power be?

What did you do to be a good friend today?

What’s one of your earliest memories?

What was something that made you laugh today?



What is your favourite thing to eat?

What’s something that you are really good at?


Curriculum Connections

Language Arts

Language Arts

Personal and Social Core Competencies

Personal and Social Core Competencies

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