Exploring Fruit Activity

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Have you ever heard of this expression? An apple is a fruit and is not only delicious, but packs a punch in nutrition as well. Fruit is an important part of a healthy eating pattern. It contains nutrients such as fibre, vitamins and minerals that are needed to fuel our bodies and stay healthy. Technically speaking, a fruit is a seed-bearing part of a flowering plant that is edible. Fruit is fun to explore with its many flavours, shapes, textures and sizes. Try to eat a wide variety of colours to give your body all the nutrients it needs. The term used to describe this is ‘Eat the Rainbow’.

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Harvesting Microgreens – Part 2

Let’s see how our first trial growing microgreens turned out. There are so many ways to record the progress of your sprouts but the key to growing microgreens is daily observation and learning to look closely. How damp (or dry) is your soil? Is this the right location? Is there enough light & warmth? Are all the seeds germinating and growing at the same rate or are some slower? Below are some progress pictures to help you know what to expect. We will also show you when and how to harvest. For those of you who had some trouble, we have also included some troubleshooting tips.

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Canada’s Food Guide: Tracking a Rainbow

How do we know what we should eat each day? Canada’s Food Guide guides people to eat colourful, flavourful and wholesome food every day. The Food Guide is based on science and it tells us to be sure to eat food from three food groups to get the different nutrition our body needs to grow and stay healthy. Let’s take a look at Canada’s Food Guide and then we’ll use our Food Journal to track the colours of the rainbow we eat in a week.

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Be a Food Journalist: Interviewing Others

Food brings people together, no matter how old or young they are. At Project CHEF we cook with kids, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and volunteers. We have also cooked with seniors from Tapestry Retirement Community at Wesbrook Village. We believe that when people come together in the kitchen there is always an opportunity to learn from each other.

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BC Grown Ingredients Activity – Part 2

 Hello! Nice to Eat You ‘er Meet You

BC is blessed with a bounty of good food grown right on our doorstep. We get to enjoy what our farmers grow and producers make throughout the year. Many of these ingredients we recognize right away but others may cause us to pause, look at carefully and do a little research to find out what they are and how can we enjoy eating them.


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Nature Walk Activity

Spring has sprung: magnolias, cherry blossoms, forsythia, OH MY! Get outside for some fresh air and explore the plants in your neighbourhood. Remember to bring your parents, of course.

Have you noticed that plants are glowing bright green with new growth, some already flowering, and some just tiny seed leaves in the ground? As you know, at Project CHEF we are all about good food. Sometimes when we are at the grocery store, choosing produce shipped from Peru and maybe covered in plastic, those bright spring leaves seem completely disconnected from the food we eat. But the challenge is to look again.

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Are you looking for something to cook? It’s always more fun when YOU choose what’s for dinner, right? Searching for new recipes can help keep a cook inspired. Kid’s cookbooks make following a recipe easy with step-by-step instructions and pictures. Some great examples aimed for beginning-level cooks are Pretend Soup (1994, Tricycle Press), Honest Pretzels (1999, Tricycle Press) & Salad People (2005, Tricycle Press), written and illustrated by Mollie Katzen. Salad People is aimed at beginner-level chefs in the kitchen. It is a great place to start cooking, even for those who aren’t reading yet. Honest Pretzels is aimed at kids aged 8 and older, so they can cook with just a little adult assistance. Are you ready to get cooking?

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Top Tips for Cooking

With limited outdoor activities, we would like to whole-heartedly endorse cooking as a family activity. When you want to get busy in the kitchen, check with an adult to see if it is a good time to cook or set up a time to cook with the family.

At Project CHEF we believe in setting people up for success and we want you to become confident, safe cooks. To help you do this, we are sharing our top tips for successful cooking.

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