Another book we love is The Sandwich Swap, by Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah of Jordan (with Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Tricia Tusa, Disney Hyperion Books, 2010). It’s not often you read a book written by a Queen! Queen Rania wrote this book about her experiences as a child. The Sandwich Swap shows us that though we’re all different, friendship can see beyond differences to focus on what we have in common.

Different families eat different things. Sharing food from other cultures, we try something new, we learn about other people and we get to eat delicious new dishes.  This is in keeping with our Project CHEF motto of Open Mind and Open Mouth!

Queen Rania wrote: “It’s easy to jump to conclusions when we come across something new or foreign or strange. But if we take the time to get to know each other, stand in each other’s shoes, and listen to a different point of view, we learn something wonderful – about someone else and about ourselves.”  These are important words at this time.

Activity Instructions

Write your answers in your Food Journal

1. After calling each other’s lunches “yucky” and “gross”, Salma and Lily shared a bite of their lunches with each other to discover that the different lunches were actually “delicious” and “heavenly”. 

  • Why do you think Salma and Lily decided to try each other’s lunch?
  • What’s a favourite lunch that you could share with a friend?

2. At the end of the story, the girls planned a special event at the school where all of the kids brought their favourite lunch to add to a big picnic table.

  • Draw a big table with Lily’s peanut butter sandwiches at one end of the table and Salma’s pita and hummus sandwiches at the other end. Draw the lunch that you would add to the picnic table then draw some other lunch favourites you think your friends might add to the table. You could take a guess what they might add or you could contact them to find out their favourite lunch.

3. Try making our hummus and pita recipes below. Make a plan with the family to try these tasty recipes. Write up a grocery list to help get ready for the next trip to the grocery store.



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English Language Arts

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Social Studies

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