Top Tips for Cooking

With limited outdoor activities, we would like to whole-heartedly endorse cooking as a family activity. When you want to get busy in the kitchen, check with an adult to see if it is a good time to cook or set up a time to cook with the family.

At Project CHEF we believe in setting people up for success and we want you to become confident, safe cooks. To help you do this, we are sharing our top tips for successful cooking.

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BC Grown Ingredients Activity

Hello! Nice to Eat You ‘er Meet You

BC is blessed with a bounty of good food grown right on our doorstep. We get to enjoy what our farmers grow and producers make throughout the year. Many of these ingredients we recognize right away but others may cause us to pause, look at carefully and do a little research to find out what they are and how can we enjoy eating them.


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Food Journal


Learning at home can provide so many opportunities to learn about cooking and food. You can explore what is interesting to you and can even involve your family in what you are doing. Cooking at home can give the chance to slow down and think about what you’re eating, to be curious about food, and examine what’s in your fridge or garden with new questioning eyes. Best of all, when you are learning about food, the results are delicious. What’s stopping you? Get learning and eating!

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